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Our Story

Time to transform production

In 2018, Prodaso started with a simple question: how can we make manufacturing better and businesses more successful through digitization?

We come from a generation where we have experienced the benefits of digitization everywhere, both personally and professionally. It was all the more astonishing for us as engineers to experience time and again that in many companies data collection in production still took place on paper slips. In the course of various consulting activities and research projects, we quickly noticed how much the lack of digitization limited the optimization possibilities in production.

In our discussions with manufacturing companies, we learned that one of the biggest challenges in digitization is connecting machines of different ages with completely different interfaces and systems.

Today, Prodaso gives manufacturing companies access to our AI-based one-stop solution for optimizing their production through our PDS-Connect-Module and various interfaces to established production or ERP systems. All this driven by our corporate mission born out of our dissatisfaction with the lack of digitalization.

Nicolaos Debowiak
Co-Founder, Managing Director
Manuel Meier
Co-Founder, Managing Director
Simon Beckord
Head of People & Finance

Pioneering Limitless Manufacturing: A World Where Every Factory Thrives on Productivity and Sustainability

We are creating a manufacturing world where smart technologies, innovation and people go hand in hand to make production processes so efficient, sustainable and transparent that downtime and inefficiencies are a thing of the past.

Crafting the Future of Manufacturing Companies Today, One Insight at a Time

We believe that the future of manufacturing lies in the intelligent combination of data, innovative technologies and human expertise. By combining advanced AI with deep production and commercial knowledge, we are overcoming traditional production boundaries and laying the foundation for sustainable productivity and resource-efficient manufacturing.

Well connected

Our AI-supported monitoring, planning and analysis tools were developed from the outset in close cooperation with industry and strong partners in the research and innovation environment. So that we deliver the best solution for optimizing your production.

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