The unique path to Factory Excellence

The all-in-one solution to optimize your production. Identify previously invisible inefficiencies and manage your manufacturing with real-time data. Because optimized production is the key to higher competitiveness and more sustainability.
Your Benefits


AI offers a multitude of benefits in manufacturing, such as improved quality, efficiency and sustainability. By analyzing data in real time, errors can be reduced and processes optimized.

Improved Quality And Delivery Reliability

  • Real-time collection of quality and performance data for targeted analysis and identification of defects
  • Quality assurance through early detection of anomalies and quality losses
  • Avoidance of missed deadlines through forecasts of accurate delivery dates and early detection and avoidance of bottlenecks
  • Shorter lead times through better planning and reduced idle times

Less Waste Means Higher Profitability And Lower Capital Commitment

  • Designed based on the loss philosophy of the Toyota Production Systems
  • Increased productivity by eliminating the 7 types of waste
  • Less waste and overproduction leads to lower production costs
  • Reduced energy consumption through better planning, less machine downtime, and lower waste

Systematically Better For The Environment

  • Reduction of unproductive time saves energy sustainably
  • Reducing unproductive times saves energy in the long term
  • Lower material and energy consumption improves your carbon footprint
  • Supports the establishment of a control and reporting system for the continuous improvement of your sustainability performance, provides important key figures and data for your sustainability report

Greater Transparency And Stability

  • Real-time machine and operating data create transparent processes as the basis for timely and active communication, management and optimization
  • Reduced effort and fewer errors through paperless manufacturing
  • Forecast potential supply chain disruptions, eliminate bottlenecks before they actually occur
  • Predictive maintenance to reduce downtime
Customer feedback

What production managers say

– Peter Beckmerhagen
Geschäftsführer FROHN GmbH, ein Unternehmen der Sinto-Gruppe
“Without Prodaso we would not have been able to realize the potential in our production. Prodaso showed us a wide range of improvement opportunities, so that we were able to increase our productivity by 30%. In view of the current energy prices, we are glad that we have also significantly reduced our electricity consumption.”
– Teodor Hildebrandt
Production manager, Pokolm milling technology GmbH & Co. KG
”Thanks to the current knowledge that could be obtained through the use of Prodaso, it is possible for us to record downtimes more precisely. Based on the occupancy, we can see which machines still have free capacity and thus enable efficient work. In addition, differences in the performance of the machines can also be better recognized. Our goal is to achieve optimal production, which is encouraging by the results we are getting using Prodaso. Therefore, we strive to further improve the results to achieve even more efficiency.”


Get Started With Time-Saving Plug-And-Play Installation

Fast implementation and low rollout costs by connecting your machines with the Prodaso Connect module. Or by simply integrating into existing production or ERP systems. No time-consuming up-front maintenance of master data required.

Manage Your Production With Timely Information

Prodaso puts an end to paperwork and the tedious collection of production data. Our platform collects, manages, visualizes and analyzes all machine and operating data. And creates a transparent and complete picture of your production in real time.

Turn Data Into Insights And Recommendations For Action

Through intelligent pattern recognition and correlation analysis, Prodaso data analytics transforms the vast amounts of your machine and operational data into insights. Uncovers previously unknown patterns in manufacturing processes and workflows. Comprehensive real-time metrics make your production measurable, transparent and manageable.

Self-Optimizing Planning And Scheduling

High delivery date reliability is a prerequisite for satisfied and loyal customers. And a central component of supplier evaluations. Prodaso's artificial intelligence automates your planning and control. This leads to a consistent improvement in delivery reliability as well as a more efficient use of resources and capacity. Planning quality is continuously improved through permanent measurement and review.

Hand In Hand With Your Production Team

With Prodaso, the perfect interaction between AI and your production team is achieved. Timely and easy-to-understand information, universally available via an intuitive user interface. Prodaso enables active and forward-looking action - regardless of location, directly at the point of value creation or from any other location.

Transparent And Scalable Pricing Model

Low one-time costs due to short implementation phase. Pricing model with monthly costs based on connected machines ensures fast return on investment. Can be flexibly expanded by additional machines at any time and used at any number of workstations. Thanks to numerous interfaces to established production and ERP systems, Prodaso also offers investment protection for your existing system.


Your Personal Web Demo

Get to know Prodaso! Make an appointment with one of our experts. He or she will guide you through our tool without obligation and is available to answer your individual questions.
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  • Personal presentation of Prodaso by one of our experts
  • Joint discovery of possible applications and optimization potentials in your company
  • Implementation in your company without long software introduction. Within a short time, you can already identify and realize first improvement potentials in your production.