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Achieve maximum manufacturing efficiency and enhance your competitiveness: Use our AI to derive intelligent insights and uncover previously undiscovered optimization potentials from your production data in real time.
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See – Understand – Act

Prodaso revolutionizes production with a comprehensive package of AI-supported monitoring, planning, and analysis tools, paving the way for future-oriented manufacturing. From machine connectivity to the precise collection and management of operational and machine data, to its dynamic visualization and in-depth analysis – our software tools enable full transparency of your production processes in real time. By using advanced AI algorithms, our software reveals previously hidden patterns and inefficiencies, delivering precise recommendations that enhance the reliability and flexibility of production and optimize the use of resources. Following a quick, uncomplicated implementation, Prodaso thus becomes the key to boosting productivity, sustainability, and competitiveness in modern manufacturing.

Manufacturing Intelligence That Pays Off

The next stage of productivity, a powerful tool for production

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Immediate collection and analysis of operating and machine data enable rapid responses to production challenges and error correction.
  • Automated Live Planning and Control: Self-optimizing AI algorithms increase efficiency through intelligent resource allocation and process adjustments.
  • Efficiency in All Areas: Applying Lean Management principles to minimize the seven types of waste leads to lower production costs and improves capital binding.
  • Enhanced Production Control: Advanced analytical functions and performance indicators offer deep insights into production operations.

Reliability and Flexibility in Every Production Phase

  • Stable Production Processes: Predict potential disruptions and proactively manage bottlenecks to improve delivery reliability.
  • Flexible Production Adjustments: Quickly respond to changes in the market, supply chain, or on the shop floor through agile planning and control tools.
  • Proactive Quality Control: Early detection of anomalies and quality losses ensures product standards and minimizes risk of failures.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Minimize machine downtime with preventive maintenance measures based on predictive data analyses.

Transparency and Forecasting for Timely and Proactive Actions

  • Real-Time Transparency: Complete capture and visualization of all production data supports rapid decision-making.
  • Data-Driven Process Optimization: Direct conversion of production data into clear actionable recommendations for immediate implementation. Thorough data analyses allow for precise, informed decisions across the entire production chain.
  • Paperless Production: Reduce errors and effort through digital documentation and management.
  • Proactive Management: Early detection and immediate resolution of issues before they lead to major disruptions.

Less Waste, More Sustainability

  • Resource Efficiency: Minimize overproduction and waste by precise monitoring and control of material flows.
  • Optimized Energy Consumption: Identify energy-intensive production segments and reduce power consumption through data-based optimization.
  • Lower CO2 Emissions: Reduce energy consumption and material waste for significant CO2 emission reduction and enhanced ecological sustainability.
  • Implementation of Sustainability Goals: Relevant metrics for documenting and achieving sustainability goals.

Improving Workplace Safety and Protection

  • Proactive Risk Management and Predictive Maintenance: Analysis of machine data and behavior allows early detection of risk factors and helps prevent workplace accidents. Predictive maintenance schedules maintenance work in advance to prevent failures and increase safety.
  • Input for Optimized Safety Training: Data gained enables safety training to be precisely tailored to the actual needs and risks at the workplace.
  • Improved Compliance: Supports compliance with occupational safety standards and legal regulations through precise data collection and analysis, which also simplifies compliance documentation.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction: A safe working environment leads to higher satisfaction and motivation among employees and strengthens trust in the company’s safety measures.
Customer feedback

What production managers say

– Peter Beckmerhagen
Geschäftsführer FROHN GmbH, ein Unternehmen der Sinto-Gruppe
“Without Prodaso we would not have been able to realize the potential in our production. Prodaso showed us a wide range of improvement opportunities, so that we were able to increase our productivity by 30%. In view of the current energy prices, we are glad that we have also significantly reduced our electricity consumption.”
– Teodor Hildebrandt
Production manager, Pokolm milling technology GmbH & Co. KG
”Thanks to the current knowledge that could be obtained through the use of Prodaso, it is possible for us to record downtimes more precisely. Based on the occupancy, we can see which machines still have free capacity and thus enable efficient work. In addition, differences in the performance of the machines can also be better recognized. Our goal is to achieve optimal production, which is encouraging by the results we are getting using Prodaso. Therefore, we strive to further improve the results to achieve even more efficiency.”

Mit Prodaso auf dem Weg zu Operational Excellence

Plug-and-Play Installation

  • Quick Start: Seamless integration into your existing systems and high compatibility with machines of any age and manufacturer – whether through the PDS-Connect module or direct connection to existing production or ERP systems.
  • No Extensive Data Maintenance: Begin without lengthy preparations as no extensive prior maintenance of master data is necessary.
  • Rapid Implementation: The simple and quick installation allows our software tools to be fully operational within days.

Real-Time Data Capture and Analysis

  • Data Integration: Continuous collection of all relevant machine and operational data to create a transparent picture of your production.
  • Intelligent Analysis: Advanced AI algorithms analyze the data in real time, identifying patterns and optimization potentials, and providing precise insights into the manufacturing processes.

AI-Supported Optimization and Planning

  • Self-Optimizing Tools: Use artificial intelligence to automate the planning and control of your production, enhancing delivery reliability and resource efficiency.
  • Improved Planning Quality: Continuous measurement and assessment of processes ensure optimized production plans and improve overall quality.

Interactive Collaboration

  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive user interface allows your production team to access important information and make decisions promptly, anytime and from anywhere.
  • Paper- and Excel-Free Communication: The platform enables direct communication between decision-makers and the shop floor, allowing teams to plan effectively and flexibly across departments and at the point of value creation.

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Customizable Solution: Our software grows with your needs. It can be easily expanded to include more machines, workplaces, and functionalities to meet the increasing demands of your production.
  • Transparent Pricing Model: A clear and flexible pricing model based on the connected machines and required functionalities allows for quick return on investment and supports easy scaling.

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